5 02 2009

This being the first post of a new site, is where a reasonable person could expect a detailed and descriptive mission statement for my blog to let you, the reader, know what I plan to write on this blog. To you, reasonable reader, I say phooey. Phooey on you! Not because I think you’re wrong, but because I’m not going to do it. I have no clear vision for the end product, just something comparable vague drunkard’s haze and a curiosity for this blogging business.

What I do see for Beer, Baseball, and Biking is a on-line community where we can share experiences and knowledge about hobbies and interests, as well as introduces me to new ones. Please feel free to post on whatever topics excite you. The title is not meant to limit topics, it just reflects my fetish for alliteration and triads.

As the title suggests, on BB&B, I will write about home brewing, following baseball, and cycling. Other subjects that I would expect to eventually cover are backpacking and hiking, traveling, music, amateur photography, world events, and predicting when MTV starts celebrating spring break in Antarctica. (My money is on 2025).